The Best Sink Plunger

The Best Sink Plunger has got to be the Waxman Sink and Drain Plunger. I use this sink plunger personally on service calls all the time. Homeowners pay a lot of money to have a plumber come in when there kitchen sink, bathroom sink is backing up. Homeowner’s will save a lot of money by having one of these sink plungers at home. sink plunger The Best Sink PlungerThe sink plunger is inexpensive especially when you take into the account how much a plumber is going to charge you to come over to your house and use this exact sink plunger to unclog your sink. This is the sink plunger I uses to unclog your backed up sink drain.

Why Is this Sink Plunger So Good?
What makes the Waxman Sink and Drain plunger the best for unclogging sink drains is the design of the sink plunger. The rubber base creates a tight seal around the drain. Its not so much when you press the plunger down as it is when you pull the plunger back up. The sink plunger pulls everything out of the drain when you pull the plunger after depressing it down. You will be amazed at how much will come back out of your drain that is causing the sink to clog up.

Where To Buy a Waxman Sink Plunger

I bought my sink plunger from a website called Plumber Surplus. It cost me around 20-25 dollars for the Waxman sink plunger which is about a quarter of the price a plumber will charge to come and plunger your sink for you. I have included a link to there site. There are others on the market that look a little similar however all the sink plungers I have tried in the past are a distant second to this one.


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