Toilet Leaking at Base

toilet leaking around the base

toilet leaking base Toilet Leaking at Base
Toilet Leaking From Base

Plumbing How To - This is a very common plumbing problem when the toilet leaking from base occurs. Here we will go over how to fix this plumbing problem and how to correctly install the toilet so it does not happen again. The first thing we have to go over is that were assuming the toilet still flushes and is not backing up. If it is backing up and toilet leaks from base then see Sewer Water Coming Into Basement.

Why The Toilet is Leaking at the Base

The toilet is leaking at the base because there is a seal typically wax  (could be rubber also) that seals your toilet to the flange in the floor. The reason the toilet is leaking from base is that your seal has been compromised and needs to be replaced. The reasons a seal could have been compromised are as followed.

Why a Toilet Leaks from the Base

toilet leaking base2 Toilet Leaking at Base
Wax Seal on Toilet Leaking from base
  • Improper Installation from the start.
  • Toilet wasn’t fastened down properly and was rocky.
  • Wax or Rubber Gasket has broken down
  • Toilet base is cracked
  • Toilet flange is cracked or broken

How To Fix the Toilet Leaking From Base

You will need to replace the seal or gasket as it is called in order to stop the toilet leaking from base. To replace the gasket it will require you to un install the toilet from the floor flange via the two or four bolts that fasten it to the floor. For instructions on how to install a toilet again see  

Should You Caulk Around the Toilet?

No this is not a solution but only will create a much bigger problem for you as it wont stop the toilet from leaking it will only either flood your house or destroy your sub floor underneath your toilet. For information on caulking a toilet please see our article on Should you Caulk around a Toilet.

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Toilet Leaking From Base

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