Why Does My Sink Drain Make Noise

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Why Does My Sink Drain Make Noise

sink making noise Why Does My Sink Drain Make Noise

If your sink is making noise when it drains then it is a venting issue. This drain noise is sometimes described as a chugging or a glugging noise. The reason the sink drain is making this noise is because, when the sink drains it creates a positive pressure in the drain from the rushing water going down the drain. When a sink drain doesn’t have a vent attached to it then then the sink drain is going to start searching for air to equalize the pressure in the drain. So the chugging or glugging noise your hearing is air trying to escape the sink drain through the ptrap.

sink noise venting Why Does My Sink Drain Make NoiseHow to Vent a Sink Drain

Proper venting on your drain will help your sink perform much better and avoid clogs in the drain, When water goes down a drain it must have air to equal the pressure and allow the drain to drain properly. For information on how to vent a sink drain see our article on venting a sink drain.

Does This Harm the Sink Drain

There are a couple main problems when your drain in any fixture is chugging or glugging. The first is that you run the potential of losing your seal in the ptrap. When a sink drain is not properly vented it can prevent ptraps from being able to keep water in them thus letting sewer gas pass by and allow methane into your home, which as we know is not only a terrible smelling gas but also can be explosive, very rare that you would worry about an explosion the air to methane ratio has to be perfect. Another problem is your sink drain can become clogged easier because the sink is not draining properly and leaving debree behind when the sink drains.

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