How To Install Pex Plumbing

how to install pex plumbing pipe

PEX Plumbing How To

pex plumbing how to How To Install Pex Plumbing
PEX Plumbing How To

How To install Pex Plumbing. Pex plumbing pipe has become more popular in new construction and renovations. Pex stands for cross-linked polyethylene pipe it feels and looks like plastic.   People sometimes call it plastic pipe however PEX is the plumbing terminology of it. similar to copper waterlines it is used to distribute liquids. It has also become the way to do in floor heating.

Here We Will Go Over
  1. Plumbing Pipe – Brands of PEX Systems and How To Use Them
  2. Advantages of installing PEX plumbing systems
  3. Disadvantages of installing Pex plumbing systems

1.How To Install Pex Plumbing – Brands of PEX Systems

There are a few types of PEX plumbing pipe on the market today. Some are better then others for different reasons. The three types of PEX plumbing pipe we will talk about here are “Uponor or (wirsbo),  Rifeng and Superpex.

wirsbo pex tool How To Install Pex Plumbingwirsbo pex plumbing pipe How To Install Pex Plumbing

    • Uponor or Wirsbo plumbing pipe is the same pipe they changed there name at one point some people still call it Wirsbo. Wirsbo plumbing pipe is very commonly used. It is very easy to use with only a few minutes of training. PEX Plumbing How To-The system works by inserting a ring over the pipe and than expanding the end of the pipe and pushing it over top of a barbed fitting.The Wirsbo plumbing pipe will go back to its original size in a matter of seconds and seal on to the barbed fitting. This system has proven itself to be not only reliable but efficient to install saving time and money. Unfortunately Wirsbo is not sold at your local hardware store however you can find it online at Ebay.


Rifeng pex fittings How To Install Pex Plumbing
  • Rifeng plumbing pipe is another type of PEX pipe. This piping system typically joins fittings to PEX by a threaded joint. This system is  popular  in plumbing pipe systems. Not used as much as Uponor/Wirsbo.
  • Install PEX -Using a threaded joint as opposed to the expanding joint (Wirsbo) tends to take a little longer and has more chance of there being a leak because it requires a little more attention when installing the plumbing system. The actual plumbing pipe is similar to wirsbo its how it joins to the fitting that is the main difference. There is a crimping system also available for Rifeng piping. This system can be found at the HOME DEPOT check the online store for pricing.
superpex pex pipe How To Install Pex Plumbing

pex crimping tool How To Install Pex Plumbing

  • Superpex plumbing pipe is the third type of pex plumbing pipe we’ll talk about. This type of PEX can be found online or at your local hardware store. It is much cheaper cost wise then the previous two types of PEX. It is a reliable source of PEX piping however it is not structurally as good as the previous two piping systems. Pex Plumbing How To-This system uses a crimp style system in which you put a ring over the pipe and then on to a barbed fitting. You then compress the ring with a special crimping tool to make the sealed joint. Superpex is good for running an outside tap or small plumbing jobs and its low cost.

Advantages and disadvantages on How To Install Pex Plumbing

 2.Advantages of PEX plumbing systems (pex plumbing how to)

  • Cheaper than copper pipe
  • Easy installation especially for the do it yourself plumber
  • No soldering
  • Easier to run pex pipe as opposed to copper
  • Easy fasten
  • Saves Time, Saves Money

3.Disadvantages of PEX plumbing systems (pex plumbing how to)

  • UV- Ultra Violet rays, will damage the pex pipe so it can not be used outside.
  • Punctures easier than copper
  • Not as nice to look at as copper
  • Piping can kink while installing


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