Pipes Making Loud Noise

pipes making loud noise Pipes Making Loud Noise

Why do Water pipes  make a  loud noise? this can be described as a clunk or a vibration or even the sound of a dining room chair being dragged across the floor. This is happening because you have 40-60 psi of water depending on where you live entering your house. When a faucet is closed or a fill valve, you are stopping that 50 psi in your water pipes in an instant. This can cause water pipes to make a loud noise. Your water pipes need a water hammer arrestor to cushion the pressure.

 Where Are The Pipes Making Loud Noise

Typically pipes make a loud noise around toilets and washing machines Pipes Making Loud Noise. Its refereed to by plumbers as a “water hammer”. They’re are a few different things that can cause this.


Toilet Pipes Making Loud Noise

toile fill valve Pipes Making Loud NoiseYou have a “fill valve” in your toilet tank on the left hand side where the water enters and fills the toilet. If you are noticing that the loud sound happens after the toilet is finished filling the tank, than the fill valve is your problem. The fill valve stops suddenly when it finishes filling the tank and creates the loud noise in the pipes. To learn how to replace the fill valve Go to fixing a toilet. You may also want to install a water hammer arrestor at the toilet. this valve installs very easy all you need is a 5/8″ wrench.


A water hammer arrestor will stop the pipe making loud noise. This product is designed to take the force when a valve is shut quickly. This device can be installed after the valve that is shutting the fixture off.

 Washing Machine Pipes making Loud Noise

pipes loud noise washing machine Pipes Making Loud NoiseWashing machines are a common place to get a water hammer. The fill valve in the washing machine that fills the machine stops in an instant when the machining machine is done filling. When this happens the pipes make a loud noise. The easy fix for this is to install a water hammer arrestor on both the hot and cold waterlines. This can be done easily with just a pair of pliers.

Water pipes making a ticking noise

This ticking noise is caused by water pipes being installed to tightly when they were installed. I say to tightly meaning that when the holes were drilled through the floors and walls to allow the water pipes to be ran they were drilled to small and the water pipe is very tight in the opening. When the water is opened to a faucet the water pipes will naturally expand and contract. The ticking noise your hearing is the water pipe trying to move.

The only way to fix this is to open up the walls and re-do the waterlines unfortunately.

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