How Do You Install a Toilet


How Do you install a toilet for the first time? this can seem like a bit of a challenge. Here we will go over it step by step on how you install a toilet, if you need help with getting the old toilet off please go to “my toilet is rocky” for instructions on how to un install a toilet.

Things you may need to do this
1.Toilet Flange repair ring How Do You Install a Toilet
2.Toilet Bolts How Do You Install a Toilet
3.Wax Gasket How Do You Install a Toilet
4.3/8″ toilet supply How Do You Install a Toilet
5.Hacksaw How Do You Install a Toilet

Installing a new toilet

 How Do You Install a Toilet
How Do you Install a Toilet

Step 1.- make sure your toilet flange How Do You Install a Toilet is clean
and free of any dirt and old wax from the previous seal. Take an extra couple minutes here and really make sure its clean. Who knows when someone will get another chance to clean and disinfect this area of the bathroom. I even like to use some bleach or vinegar to kill any bacteria that could be living in this area.

 How Do You Install a Toilet
How do you install a toilet

Step 2: Now that your flange is clean you need to put your toilet bolts in place. These are what fastens the toilet to the flange. Some toilet manufactures supply these with the toilet. There are two slots on opposite sides of the toilet flange. The bolts have a flat bottom on them that slides under these slots allowing the bolt to be trapped under the slot in the flange.

 How Do You Install a Toilet
How do you install a toilet
 How Do You Install a ToiletStep 4: Now its time to put the toilet onto your seal. Pick the toilet up by the bowl not the tank. There are two openings at the bottom of the toilet bowl for the toilet bolts to pass through. Once you have set it over top of the toilet bolts and onto the seal apply pressure down if you used a wax seal. I prefer to set the bowl before I install the tank onto the toilet. Some people like to put the toilet together before they set it I just personally find it a little easier on my back to just set the bowl then install the tank after.
 How Do You Install a ToiletStep 5: Tighten the bowl onto to toilet flange by putting the washers and nuts onto the toilet bolts. Put the toilet cap over the bolt first then the washer then the nut. Hand tighten both of these to start. Do not tighten them one at a time. Give the one side a couple turns with a wrench then do the same to the other side. Take your time you don’t want to over  tighten and crack the bowl or wreck the flange. Check in between tightening each side by giving the toilet a little shake side to side until you cant move it.
 How Do You Install a ToiletStep 6: Hook up the water supply to the toilet. Use a flexible toilet supply. Tighten the 5/8′ compression nut onto your shut off valve. You do not need to put any Teflon tape onto this joint. Next hand tighten the other end of the supply onto the toilet tank. Give it a snug with your pliers, you don’t need to over tighten this joint. Once you have it connected turn on the supply to the toilet.
 How Do You Install a ToiletStep 7: Flush the toilet and make sure that there is no water leaking out from the bottom. If there is any amount of water coming out you will need to pull the toilet off and reset the seal if you used a rubber gasket. if you used a wax you will need to get a new seal as the wax has now been compromised and wont work again. Once you have flushed the toilet several times and your sure it has seal, cut the toilet bolt down so you can put the caps over top of the toilet bolts.

15270d1231554251 toilet tank wont fill fluidmaster 20ballcock How Do You Install a ToiletStep 8: Set the water level  in the toilet tank. There will be an imprinted line of some kind of indication of where the water should stop filling in the tank. Use the set screw on the fill valve to adjust the water to the fill line. If the water is set to high it will just keep filling the tank and entering into the bowl.

Step 3: You will now need to put a seal on the bottom of the bowl. The seal is what stops the water from coming out the bottom of the toilet. I prefer to use a wax gasket just because I get the best seal with them. If this is your first time use a rubber seal, works just as good as a wax seal in my opinion. The biggest difference is with a wax seal you only get one shot at setting the toilet. if you don’t do it right you have to get another seal. A rubber seal you can try as may times as you would like. If you use a rubber seal place the   seal on the flange instead of the toilet bowl. This is an important step in how you install a toilet

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